Milk, Cream, or Yogurt?


Shanghai Milk

Shanghainese milk is so creamy that expats have questioned whether it’s from a cow or something closer to a yak. I find the taste deliciously addicting. As one expat wrote, “I actually prefer the “milk” taste of Shanghai milk to the supposed real milk I’ve been living off of for the past 15 years in LA.” Unfortunately, the packaging for milk and yogurt look similar enough that I’ve confused them, thinking at first sip that the milk got even creamier since I last tried it. Milk powder is said to be mixed in with the real cow’s milk, but hopefully not the same powder that has been reported toxic. Just last month, high concentrations of melamine were found in Shanghai milk, reminiscent of the 2008 milk scandal here.

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3 Responses to Milk, Cream, or Yogurt?

  1. Don says:

    Mmmm, Melamine sounds so yummy – just read the wiki on the scandal:

  2. Hal Wheatley says:

    If you have time, you might ask local friends if a tour of a milk plant is available, and might a group visit such a facility. It might answer questions of what makes up the milk’s content, the feeding of cows, delivery from farm to processing plant, and sanitation throughout the process.

    Best wishes, HJW

    • simmywillemann says:

      Hal, thanks for your comments. Good idea to visit a factory, but unfortunately production techniques here seem to be top secret. I’ll keep trying, though.

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