Shanghai Violin – Chinese Film


In the Mood For Love

While my erhu was being touched up in the shop, I practiced on the Shanghai violins hanging on the wall. Most are copies of Stradivari or other famous violins and have extremely unique tones that cannot be described with words. They’re a delight to play. Above, I attempt a piece from a Chinese movie, “In the Mood For Love,” that I saw at the Jacob Burns Film Center in Pleasantville, NY last summer. I apologize for the playing, but I don’t practice as much as I used to.

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5 Responses to Shanghai Violin – Chinese Film

  1. Vanessa says:

    That sounded beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing your experience in China with all of us. Continue to enjoy your time there and giving us the opportunity to see it from your view.

  2. iCream says:

    Hi Simmy..Had a talk with you…Nice to meet you..

  3. iCream says:
    Hi..this is what i mentioned today,’s not under New York Times website…its owned by Boston .com…sorry

  4. Don says:

    Nice to hear your violin playing at the store – now would like to hear how your Urhu sounds!

  5. Maheshinder Dhaliwal( Nanu) says:

    Hello Simmy I listen your music on violin it is a nice to hear and without practice you plays it very nice ,it sound very beautiful and I also want to listen your music with full accompaniments. Your Blog is excellent. You do a lot of hard work for making it.

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