HSSI Company Dinner, South Beauty

Pork Rib Bridge

Pork Rib Bridge

To celebrate Spring Festival, our company, Herbert Software Systems Inc, went out to South Beauty, a Sichuan restaurant. We were seated in a private room around a large round table which felt more festive than the formal long rectangular tables at American occasions. Both people and food always filled the foreground and background of your view. At this feast, I tried some of the most exotic and delicious Chinese dishes I’ve ever had, the two qualities not always coinciding for me in Shanghai. Many unusual appetizers such as sea cucumber and jellyfish were passed around the lazy susan, but the entrees were the most impressive. Above is a goose crossing a bridge (pork rib).



This imported lobster was the most expensive dish we tried. The meat was slightly cooked, spread on a bed of ice, and served with soy sauce and extremely concentrated wasabe. The rest of the lobster was used to make a soup with the only rice served the whole night. For special occasions, it is considered cheap for the host to fill his guests’ stomachs with rice. The whole meal was delicious and I’ll admit it was a little amusing to watch my coworkers gasping for air after ingesting the wasabe that is not used in Chinese traditional cuisine. After wine entered the scene, there were also many red faces in the room.

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  1. Don says:

    Wow! Can you send us some take out? Looks great!

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