20100127-goojje-01Upon hearing that Google may pull out of China, a group of Chinese students created a knockoff of Google,, to pay homage to the search engine. It’s worth visiting. The caption supposedly translates to, “Brother’s stay is for sister, brother is still obsessed with sister.” I don’t have access to certain sites here, but as an English speaker, I don’t mind the restrictions. In fact, most English-speaking Shanghainese I’ve talked to about the internet seem to be content with what they have access to and see the restrictions as harmless, with the exception of those obsessed with Facebook, which was available until this past summer.

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  1. Hi Simmy,
    Love the posting! I have recently heard rumors of Google’s plans to leave China due to content restrictions but was not aware that was created. I will have to find an english website translator software for search engines so I can research.

    Keep up the good work and we miss you guys here at Webb!

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