Hangzhou – Intro

Longjing Tea, Hangzhou

Longjing Tea, Hangzhou

This weekend I traveled to Hangzhou, capital of the Zhejiang Province. Hangzhou is known, among many things, for its long leaf tea, Longjing.

Xi Hu (West Lake)

Xi Hu (West Lake)

The city’s famous two-square-mile West Lake, Xi Hu, is surrounded by cultural and historic sites. An entire trip to Hangzhou can be spent just at the lake. Pedestrian paths line the lake’s perimeter and consist of many beautiful stone bridges, such as the one pictured above. Leifeng Pagoda is in the background.

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2 Responses to Hangzhou – Intro

  1. Serge from Mulhausen, France says:

    Hello Simmy,

    We had your blog adress from your aunt Anne. It’s always interesting to learn to know new people of our family. As far as I see, you are a grand grand grand grand grand cousin of Christine, my wife. Your travel seems to be really nice and we hope that everything will go well for your studies.

  2. Star Christman says:

    We are Christopher’s grandparents from East of the mountains. He gave us your website and we’ve been reading your blog. We are fairly well traveled and very much interested in your impressions. Thank you. We’re also just interested in any of Christopher’s friends: he’s such a great young man!
    So keep writing and we’ll keep reading. 🙂

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